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How Ultrasonics Work

Ultrasonic cleaning is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes precision parts cleaning. By harnessing the power of specifically-engineered detergents and high-frequency sound waves, this method effectively eliminates dirt and contaminants from even the most intricate parts. The technological improvement happens when micron-sized bubbles are generated through the alternating pressure waves produced by high-energy transducers. These bubbles store energy and upon contact with the parts being cleaned, they implode, releasing the stored energy in the form of a micro jet that acts as a gentle yet powerful scrubbing agent, effectively dislodging contaminants.

From stubborn dirt and oils to residues, rust, gas, oil, lubricant residues, diesel and diesel soot, transmission fluid, rust, cigarette smoke, soda blast residue, caustic residue, jet fuel, hydraulic aviation fluid, engine varnish, deposit buildups, honing residue, reaming residue, grinding wheel residue, cannabis hydroponic mold and mildew, cannabis milling, cannabis manufacturing, cannabis trimming, cannabis extraction, cannabis distillation, cannabis processing and more, and even carbon buildup, ultrasonic technology can tackle a wide range of contaminants with ease. As the dislodged contaminants settle to the bottom of the tank, the process of cavitation, the formation, and implosion of these tiny bubbles, proves to be a game-changer in the cleaning industry. What sets UltraSonic technology apart is the strategic placement of transducers on the side of the tank, ensuring a consistent and thorough cleaning action from top to bottom, eliminating any potential "blind spots."

To further enhance the cleaning process, an agitation table within the tank oscillates, guaranteeing that all surfaces of the components come in contact with the transducer waves. The V-shaped bottom design allows for easy collection of debris without interfering with the transducer's wave path, making maintenance a breeze. In the world of precision parts cleaning, ultrasonic technology stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for achieving spotless results every time.