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The Essential Steps to Clean Parts

Parts cleaning is an essential step in many industrial and automotive processes. As a prelude to the reassembly of remanufactured engines, cleaning the parts is the most basic yet important procedure in machine shops and custom engine shops. There are three main stages in Ultrasonic cleaning: washing, rinsing, and drying. Ultrasonic cleaning has been used as an industrial cleaning process for many years. Some shop owners have purchased or at least remember early style ultrasonic cleaning machines which were a design from the industrial environment. Technology has really improved recently on how ultrasonic works. Today we’re using more ultrasonic power, mounting the transducers on the side of the tanks verses the bottom, agitation, and better “go green” cleaning chemicals. So, if we think of an Ultrasonic cleaner as a “power enhancer”, just like a Supercharger, NOS, or Turbo it actually makes the chemicals being used work better and faster. The cleaning power comes from the cavitation produced by the ultrasonic generator and transducers that attack the parts where we cannot touch, see, or feel. . .

Rinse with UltraSonic LLC

As you remove the part from the UltraSonic LLC cleaning tank some particles tend to redeposit on the part. To remove these particles that have attached to your clean part placing the parts in a rinse is the best solution. Hot spray rinse is the most effective way to remove particles loosened by UltraSonic LLC cleaning. A submergible rinse type tank may be substituted for a spray rinse tank.

UltraSonic LLC offers both types of rinse tanks for different applications. Both rinse tanks are effective in removing particles that may have reattached to your clean parts. Both rinse tanks are heated on the larger models the rinse tanks are also filtered. As with the UltraSonic LLC cleaning machines, the rinse tanks also have
V shaped bottoms for collecting any particles that fall off in the cleaning process.

Rinsing is required each time the parts basket is removed from the UltraSonic LLC cleaning tank. Rinsing in hot water is accomplished by placing the parts in UltraSonic LLC Spray Rinse tank that is equipped with a filtration system. This feature allows the water to be cycled carrying the particulates out of the tank and giving you clean water to rinse the parts. This tank allows you to spray the parts with a soft spray nozzle allowing you to move the part to rinse all sides of the part.

With the submergible tanks you simply lower your moveable basket of parts from the UltraSonic LLC cleaning machine into the heated rinse tank. This tank can also be used as a heated presoak for your parts then the moveable basket can be transferred to the UltraSonic LLC cleaning machine.

With the modular look and features of UltraSonic LLC you can custom build the system that works best for you meaning if you need pre-soak and UltraSonic LLC cleaning machine and a rinse tank you can order it that way. We can suit your needs in any way you want the system set up.

Heated Air Dry

Dry the parts in hot air this prevents re-deposition of particulates on the part. The UltraSonic LLC dryer is preset for about a 150 to 170 degrees F. The UltraSonic LLC dryer is designed so that the air passes through the dryer and gently blows heated air across your clean and rinsed parts. This drastically decreases drying time and prevents any contamination of the part. Parts should then be stored in a clean atmosphere.