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Not All Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines are Created Equal

At UltraSonic LLC, we’re always eager to explain the tremendous cost savings you can achieve by ultrasonically cleaning your industrial, automotive, aerospace and medical parts. In this blog post, we want to discuss the distinct advantages that certain ultrasonic cleaning machines have over other designs. The name of this blog says it in plain English—Not All Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines are Created Equal. When you compare the tangible benefits of one machine design over others, we think you’ll agree that UltraSonic LLC’s ultrasonic cleaning machines clearly stand apart.

First, we want to quickly recap the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning. As mentioned in previous posts, ultrasonic cleaning offers numerous benefits over hand washing and washing methods that use solvents. Ultrasonic cleaning is used for a wide range of workpiece shapes, sizes and materials. The ultrasonic cleaning process gently moves parts to assist with cleaning; this mitigates the risk of damage to industrial parts during cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning may not require a specific part to be disassembled prior to cleaning. Lower labor costs equal increased profits, while short cycle times save time, money and increase plant efficiency.

A basic ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning device that uses ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solution to clean items. The ultrasound can be used with just water; but use of an ultrasonic soap appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the contaminant that’s soiling the part enhances the effect. Cleaning normally lasts between three and six minutes.

That said, different ultrasonic machine designs will yield different cleaning results.

At UltraSonic LLC, in addition to standard-design table-top machines, we offer stand-alone console ultrasonic cleaning machines with clear advantages over competing models. These advantages include:

  • Side-mounted transducers. Our stainless steel tanks on our console machines features ceramic transducers attached to the side of the tank, or in immersible containers. These side-mounted transducers deliver enhanced cleaning action through a more effective cleaning process. What do we mean by that? While the cleaning action from the top of the tank to the bottom of the tank remains the same, the side-mounted transducers offer horizontal cleaning from two directions as well. Traditionally, transducers have been mounted on the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaning tank, so when dirt and/or debris falls to the bottom of that tank, it falls on the transducers, robbing you of cleaning power. An UltraSonic LLC console machine with side-mounted transducers eliminates dead spots to deliver consistent cleaning action every time.
  • V-bottom design. Our V-bottom design on our console machines makes it easy to clean between batches. V-bottom tanks are also designed to collect particles that fall off in the cleaning process without disturbing transducers and inhibiting their ability to deliver effective cavitation. Many ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers offer only flat-bottom tanks with transducers mounted on the bottom of their console machines. This creates fundamental problems. Parts being cleaned should be placed at least 1-2 inches away from the transducers. Yet when you cover the transducers with parts and dirt, the cavitation gets distorted, which mitigates its cleaning power.
  • Automatic cycles and agitation. UltraSonic LLC machines take ultrasonic cleaning to new levels of ease and effectiveness by featuring automatic cycles and agitation, which makes operation much easier. In fact, once an operator presses the cycle/start button, they can walk away while the UltraSonic LLC cleaning machine automatically goes through agitation and filtration cycles. Once the parts are clean, an indicator signal lets the operator know.
  • Oscillation. UltraSonic LLC’s 3200 and 2400FA machines offer greater cleaning power through oscillation (i.e., up and down, and in and out), which attacks the part or parts from different spots and angles throughout the cleaning cycle as the part or parts pass through different parts of the tank. Many manufacturers don’t offer oscillation; in their machines, parts are simply set in a basket and stay motionless once the cleaning cycle is started. When that occurs, dirt or oil that floats on top of the water comes to rest right back on the parts it originally came off of.
  • Sales and service. It’s not a design or engineering consideration, but an ultrasonic industrial parts cleaning machine is only as good as the sales and service capabilities of the people who stand behind it. At UltraSonic LLC, we offer highly personalized service, and we stand behind our products 100 percent. If you have a problem or a question, troubleshooting is a phone call away, and you’ll never have to navigate a menu of automated attendant options on the phone. If we can’t resolve a problem with a tank or a part through personalized troubleshooting, we’ll fix it or replace it with little or no disruption to your operation.

Combined with our line of Ultra Soaps, filters and baskets, our UltraSonic LLC parts cleaning machines are employee and environmentally friendly, reducing/replacing the need for hazardous solvents, saving labor costs and delivering increasing profit for your industrial, automotive, aerospace or medical operation.

We hope this blog has helped you better understand two things:

(1) The engineering, design and construction of ultrasonic industrial parts washers has a significant effect on its performance—and your company’s bottom line; and

(2) The sales and service support of the company you buy from is important to your company as it utilizes its ultrasonic cleaning machine over time.

If you have questions about industrial parts cleaning methods or industrial parts cleaners – or if you would like information about ultrasonic cleaning for industrial applications and UltraSonic LLC industrial cleaning machines – fill out this contact form, and an UltraSonic LLC representative will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirement.