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More Customers Choose UltraSonic for Tough Parts Cleaning Challenges

Read Our Testimonials – Clean Parts, Happy Customers

When people consider a purchase, one of the most important ways they try to validate their decision by seeking the opinion of others who have experience with that product or service. In this regard, testimonials are incredibly helpful tools that people use to learn more—about whether the product works as advertised; how easy it is to use; who stands behind it; and what sort of value it delivers to the end user.

As we’ve said before, we at UltraSonic LLC believe that ultrasonic cleaning is the most economical and effective way to clean industrial, automotive, aerospace and medical parts—and we believe that our ultrasonic cleaners are the machines you can rely on to do the job right.

In past blogs, we’ve presented fact-based information about how ultrasonic cleaning works, how ultrasonic cleaners stack up against alternative cleaning methods and the distinct advantages of UltraSonic LLC parts washers.

Still, our customers remain our greatest champions, so in this post, we’ve included some recent testimonials. We hope these give you a good sense of just how effective our parts cleaning machines are in helping many businesses get even their dirtiest parts clean every time.

Timothy Fry, Director of Operations, Precision Drive Systems, LLC, Bessemer City, NC

“Our company repairs high-speed spindle motors for CNC machines, and many of the parts we need clean are hollow shafts with baked-on grease and Loc-tite adhesive on them. We had investigated using dishwasher-style washers but they fell pretty far short of our standards. That left it up to our shop guys to do much of the cleaning by hand.

“We needed a better way to clean parts. I had been familiar with ultrasonic cleaning in concept, but I initially figured we’d be priced out of it. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case. UltraSonic LLC also offered us the chance to rent a unit and test it out first to make sure it worked for us, which really was the deciding factor in our decision to go with the UltraSonic unit.

“We chose the UltraSonic 3200FA 65-gallon ultrasonic cleaner. We’ve had it for about four months now, and I’m really happy with the performance of the unit. It works as advertised—it was easy to set up and run, and parts are much, much cleaner when they come out. It has cut the cleaning time per unit down from an hour and a half to a half hour. That’s saved me about four hours of labor time per day, which is a slam dunk.”

Jerah Wesdorp, Director of Operations, Jewel-Craft, Inc., Erlanger, Kentucky

“In our business, we repair and manufacture jewelry. On average, we process about 10,000 jobs per week, so we deal in quite a bit of volume. After we polish each piece, there’s compound and rouge that builds up on them, so each piece goes through one of our two UltraSonic LLC Model 2200A ultrasonic cleaners.

“In the past, we used a built-in table-top ultrasonic cleaner from a different manufacturer, and it was a complete mess. It got everything wet, it leaked, it was a pain to clean underneath it, and just wasn’t working for us.

“The UltraSonic 2200A is on wheels, so we can move it around as needed; it’s just so much more convenient for us to use. Our favorite feature of all is the built-in seven-day automatic heat timer. In the past, we had to turn off the table-top machine every day. Now, we can leave in the evening and leave the 2200A on. When we get here in the morning, the water is already hot and ready to go, and we can start operating immediately, so there’s no more set-up time where we need to change the water and let it heat up before we can begin work. With the 2200A, the heater kicks on between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. at whatever time and temperature we set, we get in at 6:30, the water’s hot, and we’re ready to go. That’s been a huge advantage for us, and it’s saved us a great deal of time.

“Along with that, the 2200A has a cycle timer for the ultrasonic and agitation built into it. There’s a lot of variety and product mix with respect to our repair work, and that includes a great deal of silver jewelry. If we put silver rings in our old cleaner, we had to rely on the operator to remember to set a timer, and then manually pull out the rack from the cleaner. If the cleaning process went too long, or the operator forgot about it, it would actually etch the metal, and we’d have to re-polish it. The UltraSonic 2200A takes all the human error out of it. You just push a button, and when it stops, it’s done. So our reworks have gone down, and all around, our experience with the two 2200As has been great.

“One of our employees learned about UltraSonic LLC at a trade show. They’re located nearby us, so we drove up, brought some product with us, put it in his machine, cycled it through, and liked what we saw, so we ended up renting an UltraSonic LLC unit for a month. We were so pleased with its performance that decided to buy two.”

If you have questions about industrial parts cleaning methods or industrial parts cleaners – or if you would like information about ultrasonic cleaning for industrial applications and UltraSonic LLC industrial cleaning machines – fill out this contact form, and an UltraSonic LLC representative will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirement.