2017 TAFC Charlotte

Why the UltraSonic LLC Racing Team Uses Ultrasonic Cleaning

Clean Parts Matter

For racing applications, cleanliness is vitally important. When cars travel at very fast speeds and generate tremendous horsepower, racing teams must ensure that their parts are operating at optimal levels of performance, and that means they must be precision clean. Many mechanics simply spray brake cleaner on parts to clean them. That works to some degree; but it won’t clean the blind spots of the part that you can't touch, see, or feel. In fact, Phil himself has used brake cleaner and solvents on parts, then put those same parts in an UltraSonic LLC machine only to see additional contaminants removed from those parts as a result of ultrasonic cleaning's power.

Clean automotive parts aren’t just important for racing applications. All industries that rely on vehicles – from trucking/transport to public transportation, sanitation and more – need engine parts that are clean in order to help ensure smooth operation of vehicles. And if racing’s top national teams embrace ultrasonic cleaning, then that speaks volumes about its value for other applications.

How others in the automotive industry are using UltraSonic LLC machines

  • BES Racing Engines
    Tony Bishoff, the owner of BES Racing Engines in Guilford, IN, is a four-time Engine Master Champion and engine builder of record-setting and class championship racing engines for several sanctions.
    Tony purchased an UltraSonic LLC Ultra 3222F. Six months later, he upgraded to the Ultra 3800FLT for “final cleaning” the components of his team’s winning racing engines. “We have seen big improvements in how the cylinder walls of our blocks are cleaned and have profited two hours of labor in cleaning time for a complete engine rebuild,” he said. “Ultrasonic cleaning has given us a cleaner final product.” 
  • Automotive Technology Students
    Macomb Community College students learn first-hand about all things automotive while earning their associate degrees in automotive technology. With a full machine shop that includes an RMC V-20 CNC machine center, rebuilding automotive engines is a substantial portion of the students’ lab work. They get their hands dirty in every aspect of the process—from diagnostics to estimating parts and time required, to the actual removal and rebuilding of engines and components. A new ultrasonic cleaner from UltraSonic LLC is helping to get components cleaner, and speed the process of rebuilds so students can spend more time learning, not cleaning. Read more